This House In Amber

This House In Amber  

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This is the first album Roy has released under his own name. It features some of the songs he wrote with the Brighton based version of That Legendary Wooden Lion and a couple  that he wrote as the album was being recorded. The freedom from the constraints of a fixed band allowed him to invite different guests into the studio to give new flavours to some of the songs. One of the tracks from this album, ‘Life’s All Surprise’ has been also been released on the ShonaSTOCK Live Free Or Die 2017 – Global Compilation digital download album.

‘Overall, This House In Amber is an impressive solo effort from Weard. The songs are sprawling and inventive while obviously having influence from previous decades. Recommended’

Jamie funk, Divide and Conquer – June 2017

There is now a Bandcamp site for the album.


1 In Amber

2 Life’s All Surprise

3 Drugged

4 The Long Wave (goodbye)

5. The Lights Go Out

6 Losing your Grip

7 This House (rests)

Featured musicians : Andy Power – bass / Cliff Dowding -keyboards and electronics / Joe Colburn – guitar / Simon Young – drums / John Dowle – guitar / harmonica / Damo Waters – drums / Gav Cantrell – guitar / Gregg McKella – gliss guitar, clarinet / John Trelawney – cornet, flugelhorn, electric violin / Nick Pynn – violin, viola / Saskia Wesnigk-Wood – piano / TyLean – vocals / Pixie Tonks Dhel – vocals /  Roy Weard – vocals, 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitar/ The Low E Riders – Bill Smith & Adam Barrett, bass vocals.

All songs written by Roy Weard except ‘In Amber’ (Weard / Dowding / Cantrell) and ‘Drugged’ (Weard / Cantrell)