I’m an artist/sculptor working mainly in cast glass, from the small to the very large.  My career as an artist started as a monk many years ago: since then, I’ve raised a family of artists with my artistic wife, working at various times as an engineer, teacher and designer, although nowadays I’m simply an artist, creating a body of about fifty works a year, and running hugely enjoyable workshops in cast glass. I work in a studio/workshops/gallery/home in woodland on the Welsh/English borders, where you are welcome to see me and my work.Much of my work is based upon the human figure: people fascinate me! I can sit for hours watching and drawing people. Usually, by the time a work is finished, the figure has been abstracted in many ways – but it’s still there, and viewers often see this without recognising it as the person who initiated the work.

Another recurring theme arises from the figure and the actions of humans throughout history, particularly their artworks. I love the way in which human artifacts aquire history, the story of the many people who have spent time living with the creations of people, enjoying the experience or otherwise!

I stain much of my own glass, using traditional methods, metals and oxides, and cast much of it in sand beds in custom kilns made specifically for my work. I’m always happy to talk about and show off my methods, some of which are quite unique.

My work has won awards and is collected and displayed mainly in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. I enjoy commissions – currently I’m working on a wall mosaic for a school and a sculpture for a hospital.