Patterns of Reactivity

Inheritance and Health


Reproductive System & Inheritance

Genes and Selective Breeding


Microorganisms and Ill Health


How Science Works

Year 9


Year 9 Homework

Your teacher will set you homework on FROG weekly. Below are the links to all the homework tasks. Clicking on a link will open up your homework questions in AlfieCloud. Here you should use your full name (as it appears in the register) and your date of birth to log in. If you are having trouble logging in, you must see your teacher before the homework deadline.

Important note: You must only complete the homework task you are set. You cannot re-take the homework task once you have completed it, so do your best the first time around. These homework tasks are only part of your science homework. Your teacher will regularly set you other homework tasks which you must complete in addition to the homework tasks provided here.