Chemical Reactions

Cells and Reproduction

Introduction to particles

Year 7 Homework

Energy and Electricity

Forces and The Solar System

Ecology and Classification

Homework 1

Homework 2

Homework 3

Homework 4


How Science Works

How Science Works

How Science Works

How Science Works

How Science Works

How Science Works

Year 7




Reproductive Organs

Fertilisation and Embryos

The Developing Baby

Energy From Food and Fuels

Fossil Fuels

Renewable Energy

Insulators, Conductors and Circuits

Electrical Circuits

Acids and Alkalis

Chemical and Physical Change


Reacting Acids with Metals and Metal Carbonates


Forces and Force Diagrams

Forces and Friction Effects

Mass and Weight

The Solar System


Animal Adaptations & Habitats

Predators, Prey and Survival

Food Chains and Food Webs

Grouping Animals and Using Keys


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Important note: You must only complete the homework task you are set. You cannot re-take the homework task once you have completed it, so do your best the first time around. These homework tasks are only part of your science homework. Your teacher will regularly set you other homework tasks which you must complete in addition to the homework tasks provided here.