Join DustiD with your friends and family and create a network
where you'll never need to ask for an address ever again. Birthdays,
Invitations, Christmas cards & Gifts chosen, posted
....done & DustiD.


Your friends & family within your DustiD™ network can mail you online cards and gifts from one of our authorised retail partnners, but ONLY the retailer and NOT the sender sees your address details. We value and maintain your privacy, whilst delivering a service that reaffirms bonding in a way that only a real card or gift can convey.

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Whether you're a student studying away at university, or you're expecting a delivery and you want it delivered to where you work, or you're simply moving address don't worry, just update your new address status via our free mobile App. Any future items posted by your DustiD network, via our online retail partners will be delivered to your updated address. You can update your address status as often or as little as need be. Never miss a delivery ever again because your mail just 'follows you'.

It's childs play
With our innovative approach to the secure storage and retrieval of your contacts
details, using Dustid couldn't be easier. DustiD is your 21st century virtual address
directory, populated and updated by your network of friends & family

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