What is Addressless Mailing™?
Even when you do not have your friends address details, with Addressless Mailing you can still post them cards or gifts that are purchased online via our retail partners,
How do you know my friends addresses?
When you and your friends join DustiD we store and encrypt all of your address details into a mini private social network. This private network of addresses is then accessible ONLY by the contacts within that network, similar to Facebook or whatsap.
What if I don't want people to know where I live?
Whilst delivering a service that makes it easier for friends and family to mail items to each other, we appreciate that privacy is a major concern. To safeguard our users privacy, address details are only ever generated and displayed to the retailer, for despatch, and NEVER to the sender/gifter. We value your custom and privacy as much as you do.
How much does it cost to join DustiD?
It's free for you, your friends and family to join DustiD. There are no hidden premium charges, all we ask is that you recommend us to a friend. The growth and expansion of your personal network exponentially increases our ability to develop more innovative services for our registered users.

What if I have any further questions?
If you have any further questions please contact us. We will be more then happy to answer your  questions.