Channel S Presents
RFC BFA Bangladeshi Championship 2018

Background RFC BFA Bangladeshi Championship

After a successful completion of the first RFC BFA Bangladeshi Championship in 2017, with a staggering participation of around 1000 footballers from various backgrounds and ages, Channel S and Sporting Foundation (SF) presents the 2nd RFC BFA Bangladeshi Championship 2018. The initiative will be a national tournament where various teams will participate in different age groups. The UK Bangladesh Championship is already a successful tournament organised by the SF (formerly known as BFA- Bangladesh Football Association). Rebranding the name with Channel S’ RFC will help the brand reach out further and have an opportunity to become a flagship tournament of our community. The UK Bangladesh Championship is a joint initiative by Channel S and SF.

Channel S’ highly reputed Ramadan Family Commitment (RFC) has already developed a huge positive impact in the charity sector by guaranteeing a ‘pay back’ scheme towards the expenses of charities who participate in Channel S’ Ramadan TV appeals. The main aim of organising this event is to raise funds for RFC throughout the tournament. This initiative has been aimed to generate more funds for the RFC so that the participating charity organisations receive further assistance from Channel S, and thus able to raise more funds in the month of Ramadan.

Tournaments & Event Dates

Group Stages: Sunday 8th April 2018, Birmingham
Youth, Adults & Veterans: Saturday 14th April, London
Women’s Football: Saturday 21st April 2018, London
Finals: Monday 7th May 2018, London

Launching Gala Dinner & Fundraising: Sunday 29th April 2018, The Royal Regency London, E12.

Target Audience

Channel S has been the Number 1 Television Channel for the last 13 years due to its widespread programmes, strategy, news, humanitarian activities and commitments to the community. Channel S considers that the RFC BFA football tournament will be able to attract sport loving families across the country.

On average, over 100,000 households watch Channel S, and within each household, the average British Bengali household is around 4.8 people, as stated by the Government Statistics Office, increasing the volume of contacts for all advertisers. We have certain pockets of our viewing audiences in East London (particularly the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and the London Borough of Newham), Luton, Midlands, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, all over the UK and Europe. The social-economic breakdown is detailed below.

The age breakdown of Channel S is as follows:

15% aged 5-15
28% aged 16-24
39% aged 25-44
10% aged 45-64
8% aged 65+

The gender profile of Channel S is as follows:

Female – 54% viewers
Male – 46% viewers

The whole tournament will be recorded and broadcast at a later date.

Tournament attractions

TV promotional activities: a wide range of TV promotional activities has been initiated to promote this tournament i.e. promos, live TV programmes, news coverage, special reports, press conference etc.
Launching & Gala Dinner: this will take place on Sunday 29th April 2018, 5pm, Royal Regency Banqueting Hall, London, E12. An expected 700 audience members will be present at the event with celebrities, community & business leaders, sports personalities, community organisers, public representatives and players. The event will also include family entertainment.
Press Launch: there will be a press launch prior to the tournament and gala dinner in the presence of sponsors, players, organisers and VIP guests. The programme will outline the aims and objectives of the event.
Series Broadcast: The full football tournament will be broadcast group by group on a prime time to give maximum exposure to the series.
Diverse Audience Access: approximately 2000 players, coaches, organisers and invited guests will be directly engaged with the tournament. Hundreds of spectators and supporters will be attend the football matches. Thousands of audience members will be watching the programme on Channel S. Notable business leaders, community leaders, organisers and media representatives will also be directly engaged with the tournament.





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