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RFC BFA Bangladeshi Championship 2017

  1. Background RFC BFA Bangladeshi Championship 

The RFC BFA Bangladeshi Championship will be a national tournament where various teams will participate in different age groups.  The UK Bangladesh Championship is already a successful tournament organised by the BFA (Bangladesh Football Association).  Rebranding the name with Channel S’ RFC would help the brand reach out further and have an opportunity to become a flagship tournament of our community.  The UK Bangladesh Championship is a joint initiative by Channel S and BFA.

Channel S’ highly reputed Ramadan Family Commitment (RFC) has already developed a huge positive impact in the charity sector by guaranteeing a ‘pay back’ scheme towards the expenses of charities who participate in Channel S’ Ramadan TV appeals. The main aim of organising this event is to raise funds for RFC throughout the tournament. This initiative has been aimed to generate more funds for the RFC so that the participating charity organisations receive further assistance from Channel S, and thus able to raise more funds in the month of Ramadan.

  1. Event Dates

Tournament:  Sat 29th & Sun 30th April 2017, London | Finals: Sun 21st  May 2017, Bradford

Launching Gala Dinner & Fundraising: Mon 24th April 2017 (proposed), The Royal Regency London, E12

  1. Total Teams & Age Groups




Youth 16 teams XXXX
Adult 24 teams 16 teams


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RFC BFA Championship Gala Dinner - 24/04/2017

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