Examiners taking strike action

Driving examiners are taking strike action on 19th and 20th November. Examiners who are members of the Public and Commercial Service Union are involved.

Candidates are advised to attend for their test as normal. If your test is cancelled because of strike action, your test will automatically be rebooked by the DVSA. You should hear of the new date within 10 days.

If your test is cancelled, you can claim out-of-pocket expenses, but you must turn up to be able to claim. If you don’t turn up, you can’t claim.

Apply for expenses if your test is cancelled by strike action

Christmas is Coming!

As always, Ray’s Driver Training will be offering Christmas gift cards for those wishing to buy driving lessons for their loved ones. These cards are personalised, and are delivered before Christmas ready to be given on the big day! They are priced at £185.00 for ten hours, or £23.00 per hour.

Just give Ray a call and he will do the rest!

Prepare for your test!

Your driving test is a really important day. I cannot stress how important it is to prepare thoroughly. Not only will your driving need to be at test standard, but other things are important too.

Learn your safety (show me tell me) questions. I know getting them wrong will only result in one driver fault, but that’s not the point. Firstly, what will the examiner think if you have no idea about the answers (hardly gets the test off on the right foot, does it?!), but what if you get 16 minors, and one is because you couldn’t be bothered to spend an hour learning the questions? £62.00 down the drain and another 7 weeks ’til your next test.

Also, Ray’s Driver Training has provided lots of film clips showing you how to manage tricky bits in and around Chelmsford and Brentwood. Look for VIDEOS & LINKS on the main menu on www.raysdrivertraining.co.uk. Why wouldn’t you? It will help!!