A Pass for Jared

Congratulations to Jared, who passed today in Chelmsford with 7 faults. This was Jared’s first attempt. He overcame test day nerves and wobbly legs and came through with flying colours – despite stalling before he got out of the car park! Well done, Jared!

I hate you, Butler!

Sad to hear of the passing of Stephen Lewis this week, aged 88. On the Buses was a remarkably popular show in the early 70s. If you watch the repeats on cable channels these days, you might wonder why! Remember though, in those days there were only three channels, so it was a bit of a captive audience.

Cyril Blake, or Blakey as he was known was a great character. Alway on the receiving end of pranks by Stan and Jack. He had a number of catchphrases:

  1. I hate you, Butler!
  2. Get this bloody bus out, Butler!
  3. That’s made my day, that has!
  4. Innit marvellous?!

Now, On the Buses was not the only early 70s sitcom that is best remembered through rose-tinted glasses. Who can forget Love Thy Neighbour, Father, Dear Father and Bless this House, to name but a few. Some have faired better than others. Different times, dear boy, different times!

Paying for Lessons

For the convenience of all customers, there are now various ways you can pay for lessons with Ray’s Driver Training. First of all, how about cash! That’s nice and easy. Cheques are also accepted, although there use seems to be coming to an end. Ray will also accept payment by card – either Visa, Mastercard or Maestro. These payments are subject to a 3% surcharge. This is a charge levied on Ray by the banking system, and he has no choice but to pass it on to customers.

Finally, nice and easy by bank transfer. This is a free service. Just ask Ray for details.

Longer Waiting Lists for Practical Tests

Across the country, it appears that waiting lists for driving tests are increasing. Some areas are reporting lists as long as 17 weeks. The DVSA has lost many examiners recently and this has had an effect on waiting times. Conditions of service for examiners are changing for the worse and some examiners are feeling unable to accept them.

Locally, the waiting times are still reasonable. Chelmsford is currently 6 weeks.

Learners these days should still think themselves lucky. When I took my test all those years ago, the waiting list was 6 months! After my first lesson, my instructor said I’d better put in for my test!