Schools Out!

So the schools have closed for the summer. Lots of good reasons why this makes me happy. Firstly, I live opposite a secondary school and so no parents/pupils parking outside my house for six whole weeks. Also, managing my diary is much easier when I don’t have to work around pupils’ free periods. Much simpler to stack them up one after the other!

Another benefit is that all the roads around schools are much clearer, making manoeuvres easier. Lots more corners to choose from.

Rays Driver Training wishes you a great summer!

How Tickled I Am!

Well, we went to see Ken Dodd tonight at Cliffs Pavilion in Southend. Ken is 87 these days, you know, and still going reasonably strong! I remember Ken Dodd from my childhood and although never his biggest fan, I thought I’d go and have a look – well, he’s not going to be around forever, is he?!

Ken started at just after 7pm and we left the building at 9.50pm. Almost three hours later! And guess what? It was only the interval! Rumour has it, there was another two hours to go! As he left the stage at half time, he told us to make sure we came back for the second half, as he knew where we lived, and if we didn’t he’d come round to our house and shout the jokes through the letterbox!

He was quite funny, though. I had heard some of the jokes before. “I’ll tell you how to get a fat girl into bed; piece of cake”.

Three hours was probably enough for us, and as the curtain came down to the tune of Ken singing ‘Happiness’, I was pleased that I’d gone.

More Roadworks!

For the next 4 months, the junction of Patching Hall Lane and Broomfield Road is being dug up, re-modelled and widened. No doubt the end result will be an improvement, but there will no doubt be endless hold ups whilst the work is undertaken.

My understanding is that upon completion, traffic lights will be installed further up Broomfield Road at its junction with School Lane.