Skid Risk!

At the moment, every other road around Chelmsford seems to be being re-surfaced. Must be the time of year. However, after re-surfacing has taken place, the roads are adorned with signs warning of the skid risk and giving a 20 mph maximum speed limit. It is important to note, that these temporary speed limits are advisory only and not mandatory. To be a mandatory speed limit, the sign would have to be round with a red border. Like any other mandatory speed limit sign.

My advice on lessons and on test would be to be sensible, and drive cautiously within the usual speed limit for that road. Generally speaking, on test, if the examiner sees you keeping to the skid risk limit, he would remind you of the advisory nature of the signs.

Driving Licence Counterpart Abolished

From June this year, the DVSA will no longer be using the paper counterpart that has traditionally been sent out with the photocard. This means that new applicants will only receive the photocard. Those of us who have a counterpart can destroy it. Candidates presenting themselves for test will only be asked to show the examiner the photocard.

Bridge Replacement

The £28m replacement of the bridge between Chelmer Village and the Army & Navy flyover in Chelmsford is now well underway.  This work is due to be completed by Autumn 2016 and is required because over the last 80 odd years, the bridge has weakened to the extent that the alternative would have been a permanent weight restriction.

When completed, there will be two lanes towards the Army & Navy roundabout and one heading away,  There will also be a new cycle lane.

New Test Centre in Chelmsford

Well. After moving into the new test centre in Hanbury Road, things are settling down nicely.  I don’t think either the instructors or examiners are particularly enamoured by the new site, which came following the merger of the DSA and VOSA to form the DVSA.

The new site on the Widford Industrial Estate gives test candidates a gentler start to their test as it is a little quieter than the old site in the city centre.  However, as the site itself is much busier, sharing as it does with HGV tests and MOTs, so bay park practicing is allowed for safety reasons.  Consequently, learners first experience of the new test centre is on the day of their test.

This is the fourth test centre in Chelmsford in my memory.  Older readers may recall the test centre in the government building in Beeches Road (now being developed for housing), and the (much) older residents will also remember the test centre along New London Road.