You’ve Been Cordially Invited To Bilkent Historical Model United Nations 2017!


Letter From the Secretary General


Dear Participants, as the Secretary General of the fourth annual Bilkent Historical Model United Nations (BHMUN), I would like to welcome you all with great pleasure. This year our conference will be held on 6-9 October, 2017 in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara.

As you know we are the first Model United Nations conference with full Historical content in Turkey and we are grateful for being able to carry on this journey as Bilkent. As a history-themed conference, in BHMUN 2017 we invite you to experience the 1950s.

Our conference is a networking platform for a selection of students from the most prestigious institutions all around the world, starting with Turkey. Each year, over 300 attendees who are enchanted by politics, diplomacy, international relations, and history come together to rewrite history by generating whole new solutions to the issues of the past by negotiating, taking advantage of their inventive ideas. In such conference, delegates get the chance to remake the big events of history and even change the fate of a country or the fate of our world. As Maya Angelou says “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.”

In BHMUN 2017, it is possible to live in the past making today a better place like it was in the past BHMUNs. With the resolutions, high quality debates, controversies and crisis it’s in the hands of our delegates to ‘Innovate the Future’. During these four days of BHMUN, different individuals from different cities, different countries will put together multiple suggestions as ideas to a common ground to find the middle point while keeping the diplomatic attitude, and the respect towards different points of view. They will be dreaming of a better future by working in the past. And with this year’s conference specifically focusing on 1950’s we are assuring that the experience of the past will be distinctly unique.

On behalf of the organization team, I would like to say, my team and I will function on principles of transparency, honesty and dedication to assure timely assistance to everyone who needs it. We are processing in the best way that we can to provide you with the perfect opportunities that will take you all the way back to 1950s. In these four days, where you honor us with your esteemed participation, we seek to not only give you a platform for debate, but a warm and welcoming environment. Also, please keep in mind that the conference will be applying Harvard rules of procedure. Finally, I invite you to experience this time back to the past to 1950s. You will be the ones to innovate the future and I am looking forward to fulfill your will to debate and bring your innovative resolutions alive at BHMUN 2017.Hopefully I’ll recognize your presence at BHMUN 2017.


Ece Naz Ertunç

Secretary General