Alternate History Committee- Operation Unthinkable 1945


Agenda Item: Operation Unthinkable

Year: 1945

AHC Study Guide

This committee is recommended for experienced delegates.

Near the end of World War 2, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill developed a plan codenamed: “Operation Unthinkable”. The plan’s aim was to attack the Soviet Union with a surprise offensive once the Germans were defeated. The Western Allies (UK, US, France) aimed to catch the Soviets off guard with a declaration of war, and drive them out of Europe. However this operation never got carried out, and the Soviets and the Western Allies stayed allies until the end of the war.

In the Alternate History Committee, events that did not happen in history are simulated and played out by the delegates. In this case, the committee will simulate Operation Unthinkable (1945). The delegates will represent individuals such as generals, ministers and other high ranking officials in a British War Cabinet. Their aim will be to carry out a successful invasion of Soviet controlled territories and drive them out of Europe with a surprise offensive.